Writing & Editing Services

by Jenni Hunt Johnson

Let me put a professional polish on your writing project.

I offer free writing analysis and project estimates.

MacBook Pro near white open bookMacBook Pro near white open book

Side Gigs

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Words on Watercolor

Watercolors painted by my mom, Billie Hunt, overlayed with some of my favorite poems, quotes, and lyrics. Available at HaloAcres/Etsy.

Halo Acres Etsy Shop

"Now is the time to develop talents." That's been my mantra for the last two years, and HaloAcres/Etsy is where you can see what I've been up to.

Family Corner

Family History is a major passion of mine! I love creating histories and displaying photos where family can find them. My main family lines are Hunt, Hill, Gooing/Goin/Gowen, and Cox.