Essential Oils Closeout Sale

40% off - Inventory Clearance

Quantities are limited.
First come, first served!

When I closed my online store, I still had A LOT of oils in inventory. Finally, I'm ready to offer these to my valued customers.
Buy oils in groups of 6 or less for amazing prices!

Available only at This sale is not associated with Butterfly Express LLC.

Oils in this sale are private-labeled by Earthsonnets, filled with oils purchased from Butterfly Express LLC.

Note: Shipping costs an average of $4.00 for every six bottles of oil.
Shipping is included in the totals shown below, but will say Free in the shopping cart.

Scroll down to Information to see how much you'll save!
Plus oil descriptions and safety info.

"Open in New Tab" does not work with this shopping cart. :-(
See All Groups on One Page below the order boxes.

Why the groups? Good question!
I wanted to offer BIG price cuts for the closeout, but couldn't afford to create a whole new shopping cart to sell them one at a time.


Click on the pop-out arrows to read descriptions for Blends and Single Oils. Price Comparisons (retail/discount) and Safety Information follow.